Monday, June 14, 2010

Woot last day of school and A Fond Farwell I'm leaving

I'm going to post even though you probably don't care. Its my last day of school its my last day of school. Two finals to finish then class trip. then I AM FREEEEEEEEEEEE........
Also I am leaving ........... NO NOT PEREMENTLY!!!!!! I need more Irl friend time (since summer  is starting it basicly means FACEBOOK TIME!!!!!! : )  And not to be rude but I need a little break time from all of the stuff going X rolls eyes X I'll be back on one more time to do some list cleaning then bye bye for 2 weeks but how ever if I come back in2 weeks and wizards is still boring it will be bye bye for another 2 weeks. :) and so on.I will still be bloggging so if you want to hear about me read my blog. so bye  bye for now.

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