Saturday, June 19, 2010

I am a Chaotic

:D :D :D :D I'm having STEAK tomorrow YES YES YES!   Hahaha :)

Speed Hump = Fast Camel ...? am i miss spelling camel?

:D hahahaha well any way I've got some epicness to show you people.

True epicness that is my left hand in negative. The fingers showing up orange are blue and the finger showing up Blue is pink XD I love it.
I've been really obsesed with negative photos lately I have about a trillion on my camera. Well haha I am in supper good mood I got Alice in Wonderland on DVD because my mom bought it for me.  I really need the Mad Hatter bag from that movie. Acording to Kiwi's dad I'm a chaotic switching back and forth between good and bad but always crazy. So I would ether be the Mad Hatter The Cheshire Cat or the Jebawaky (how ever you spell it) WOOT GO CHAOTICS !!!!!!!    :) I love being me.

BTW I have a questions some people will tell me I am lucky because I am an only child Here is my question for all of you who have ever said that to someone or to yourselfs.

Why am I lucky?


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