Sunday, June 13, 2010


XD on the last day of school I am going to have to deal with everyone coming up and asking "did you get into a fight?" because well my school we are so small there are a lot of fights.... between the same people. Any way I was ducking because sabrina was throwing stuff at me the person i was hiding behind's chair decided to push her chair back at that moment and now my right eye (well the bone under my right eye) is black.  Wow fails of my life are so epic it is like a huge amazing book that never ends.

Did you know when i think of bloggers there are people i relate them to in my school? Mostly just the girls not a lot of guy bloggers are anything like any of the guys in my school. Well at least as far as I know.... (please tell me none of you take your shirts off on the bus please!!!!!)

In my book Epic Fails are a good thing here is the rating with random things you could do and how they would rate to me.
falling down stairs = fail

falling out of a tree that is 3 feet tall = epic fail

falling off your bike into a puddle of mud that you had made with your friend yesterday to throw your little brother into tomorrow = win

and that is the system.