Monday, June 7, 2010


It is meh last full week of school. I have monday of next week then BOOM done till next year when the school year is over i have to come back ... AGAIN after school has close for my Regents exams in Math, Living Enviorment and Spanish. I have finals most of this week test test test test .. etc. My math project is due Friday here was the project:
  • Make your own curency 
  • Make up a Menu with 10 food items minimal 
  • Have a picture of your curency 
  • Redo the menu so it is eye pleasing well organized 
  • Name your resturant 
  • Have the costs in both U.S. money and in your money 
  • Do all of the converstions on a sheet of paper to hand in with project
And that is my math project taking the place of a final. I still have to finish my Menu The rest i have done. My first final is tomorrow Science wish me luck two days of review was all we got so * gulp*. Add into that this summer I have art work i need to acomplish for an asighnment for english i need to reed a book over the summer (well that is no big woop) I need 20 hours of comunity service done by May next year. I  have to finish typing up Blue Eyed Magic and work on getting it published. 
Well sorry for the Rant and well hehe i just needed some complaining time so thanks for Leen mi rant :)
P.S. Ignore the end there I am practicing for my Spanish Final on Thursday

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