Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sorry about that

I tell you that a dog that was very close to me died and you say NOTHING! Ugh what ever. good BYE

 Ignore that I was sick and just getting sicker yesterday when i wrote that. Sorry I can be nasty when I am not in the best of moods.

 So I'm sorry if i came across as mean well I better get back the Kangaroo requires some attention :) I need to work on my sit ups so by next years fitness test I can do 120 in a minute to finally beat celeb!  And i need to do my shoulder exercises so later
:) Sorry



  1. I haven't had a pet die but I'm sure it really hurts, my cat is pretty old so it will happen to me someday. I'm sure you would have gotten some comments but you didn't give enough time for bloggers to comment and show remorse. Hope your dog had a good life ;)

  2. I hadn't read that post yet, and I'm so sorry she died. :( I've had a few pets die, it's pretty tough. Sorry :'(