Friday, July 24, 2009


Okay so I haven't been blogging much and I don't have much time now to blog ether today is going to be the best day yet me and My A.P. class (adventure program) are going to do the high ropes course today YES!!!!!!!!!! and after that KANGAROO COURT I will now talk to my self a bit but you still read this because well it's still part of my blog instead of because the first time I wrote BACON!!!!!!! I wonder if Jitter is gonna do the speech about the beans again and in her PJ's like last year. . . I wonder if Ny is gonna do a butt bomber of which he is so fond of . . . I wonder if he put dirt in his coffee again . . I can't believe my favorite dragon jewelry thinging that goes around your neck I forgot the name of oh well. . . I wonder what we are gonna do at volleyball tonight PT won't be there so It's just me and Aud. . . Okay done muttering to my self

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