Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Okay I need major help I'm a shoping adict in w101 I had $1,186 gold and now I only have 765 I need 8,000 but I can't save up dose any one a quick way to get tons of gold?


  1. Farm bosses in Krok for drops. That's really all I can say. That, and the nirini's have high drop rates for Cowl of Summertime. Those sell really well.

  2. I can help!
    Okay when you want to buy something, think of the house you want to buy. Think of how you would want to move out of your tiny dorm.Also think if you were a grandmaster what would you think of it? Really low level? Yup thats right. Use those tips to help you okay?

  3. just don't go in the shopping district at all... and if you have to, keep your mind set on were you have to go, (for instance if you r going to old town focus on going there).