Saturday, July 4, 2009

New (not much)

So yeah today I got a new outfit I like it a lot I only have 29 gold totally NOT the cost of a house (Which I need TOO MUCH STUFF) I am now a journeyman diviner (YES!) and I still need to go to the top of Golom tower can friends help you with that? I'll just do quest on my necroamaser and take all of her stuff and sell it on Alyssa (I think all of you know by now Alyssa is my favorite and best person)


  1. Unfortunately Golem Tower is a solo adventure, a friend and I both ran into it together and we each ended up in our own Tower, it wouldn't let us port to each other either.

  2. No I have to go up it for 2 reassons!! I don't want to do it alone even if it's easyer to tuant the monsters it's boring!!!