Friday, July 3, 2009

Not much new

Well not much is new from yesterday I got a level up so now I'm level 12 well on Alyssa At least. Amanda, Danielle, and Erin are still level 9 Megan battlehunter is now level 7 and Timothy Deathmask remains level 6. Today I battled General Alkalies for the first time and than right after it a second time he has the biggest tower of any boss I've seen yet he has a bigger tower than lord Nightshade!!!! I got a rare crafting ingredient a water Lilly I have now 2 quest that require me to go to the top of Golom tower and fight the iron golom but sins both of thous are side quests I can wait till I go into Krokatopia before I do them (I got the second one from my professor) so yeah not much is new here is a pic of a jumping fish in Grizzleheim (it is dark green so it's kinda hard to see against the rock)

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  1. ppl r so lucky that they have WORKING life sucks...