Friday, July 17, 2009

Oh my gawd I'm sleepy

Oh my gawd I'm sleepy I didn't get to sleep last night until oh 11:34 and I got up at 8:01 today I still have to go to tennis at 1:30 and volleyball at 6:00. Well any way Sorry about being so quick about my Sunken City run with my two friends well I'll just talk about it now since I haven't gamed yet today and have nothing to blog about. Oh! Except for this Congrats to Blake Goldenstaff for entrance to Moo Shoo! now your pig pet won't look out of place! (it was a ninja) (and finally figuring out that since I am a menu chat player I don't understand what you say when you text chat to me) So any way back to the sunken city so we didn't start at 9:26 last night we started at 9:10 both me and danielle where defeated at one point but a poten later we all stood once more together in battle and I learned a cheat if you enter the the towers one person goes in first and starts the fight you only have 2 opponents I like that cheat! As we went I probably would have made it to the grub but we kept getting suked into pointless street fights so well I'm back to spuare 1 now oh well. And I disagree it's goten WAY esear from when I first tried! Alot of good happend too! It was a awsome way to meet up with an old friend (me and Cassandra have been friends since I started the game!) and meet a new one (I meet Danielle, Canssandra's twin sis also a pryromancer) I got tons of loot (moste of it being junk to sell but I did get a cool oufit for my myth wizard which she will probibly only wear when doing nothing around the commons. any way above are the pics from it.

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