Thursday, July 16, 2009

1/2 remebering 1/2 wondering

so today I went to Valerians blog and saw the Wizard grave yard I was thinking about that and I had a friend delete me the reasson you may ask is she got into KT and I didn't she teliported to me 7 mins after our lord Nightsade fight and saw I was battleing a kracken with a few of my other friends and have a awsome time. After that I went to look for her on my friends list and she wasn't there I'm way not shure what that was about I know I didn't delet here but after that my friends list filled up so fast I ended up replaseing her space fast (all of a sudden boys wouldn't stop asking to be my friend I don't know why!) But still I kinda think that it was such a awsome thing to do plus she was only a level 13 and I was a level 9 so the win the fight when it was just us and neather one of us was a life wizard was fairly impresive after that I alwase had help from a level 15 or a level 19! (the level 15 being my friend Blake) oh well people can be jerks in the game.
Okay so I was thinking I want to be a video game desiner game with sorcery in them and dragons and lightning all the things that are in my reality hmmm I am thinking about my friend Sam and her person Sam Mythhunter and several other cool names and in w101 I think you should be able to shout MEDIC! that would be so cool! hmmm . . .

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