Sunday, July 19, 2009

For just 2 days I have a lot done!

Hey all wizards who read my blog I have had a crazy few days of no blogging. I now more than ever want the game world of war craft it sounds violent and like a pg13 to r rated game of however they rate games. but I know a person who plays it and says it's the awsomest game ever and I know some one's who's mom plays it and she got a CHEESE HAT how funny is that! so any way back to the game of what this blog is about. I have completed the Pyramid of the sun and now am questing in the Krocosphinks I've redone my dorm at least 17 times but now I have redone it to look Krockatopian so now I have 6,987 gold good huh? I am almost there to a house I can't wait! I meet a new friend today his name is Zacaery umm well I forget his last name. My necromancer is now a Wizard City protector but for some reason she can't get into KT I'm just going to make her a 3 streets savor and see what happends from there. She went thou the Lord Nightshade fight as a level 11 with her friend a level 10 pryromancer. My fire wizard Timothy Deathmask was the lucky winner of my charicters to get the death scarab!! Most people give stuff like that to their High level wizards but one day all your wizards will be high level not every one realises that!

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  1. Congrats!
    Now I'm the only level 19!
    I'm going to get a subscription soon!
    I hope