Thursday, July 9, 2009

Awsome day!!!!!!

Hi so today I got alot done. I'm now a level 18 storm wizard and a level 10 death wizard. I saw my friend Blake Goldenstaff today he is now questing in MB (He is soooooooo lucky but congrats to him just the same) any way back to me. I learned my first Minion water element it doesn't well attack ever but I learned what taunt dose from it. My minion constantly taunts my opponents and put Shields on it's self as my opponents attack it constantly and I defeat my opponents faster because I don't have to keep healing. I have a pic of the first minion I ever summend below.

Also today I had many encounters with storm monsters (FYI I had to fight
the two krackens in the pic below no help allowed)

Here I am dancing in my dorm (no, still no house) the storm shield and the
palm tree are new. The palm tree is my first KT housing item (other than that fire shield)


  1. Woot, I just got that minion for my storm wizard as well. He's awesome. Works well with my friend, who is balance, and has a helpful mander for a minion. His mander aids the both of us by shielding us, giving us blades, and even attacks, while the water elemental continuously taunts, so we can kill the kroks.

    Totally awesome.

  2. what I can't wait for is the next minion from what TFN said (or what I understand) storm people get their next minion at level 23 and it is a very powerfull one.

  3. well actually the storm minion does attack with ghoul but he might never use it.

  4. really I love the ghoul spell well . . . I love all Necroamncy