Saturday, July 11, 2009


Hi today two of my friends helped me in some fights today. One is Blake Goldenstaff he is now in MB and is a level 32 (I think) necromancer. He has the AWSOMEST spell I've EVER seen it's a death spell he basicly hurts
him self than gives me (in all the fights I've been in with him that he uses that spell its been on me) 700 health. whats the name of that spell and when do you get that spell??!

Today I also saw my friend Kiera below is a pic of her casting a life spell.


  1. That spell is called"Sacrifice"; for a 500 death hit on yourself, you can give 700 health to any player, including yourself. It's a necromancer spell, and works great with death shield.

  2. 500 hit? It's like 250, and yes, it gives 700 health. If you have a death trap placed on yourself, or a death blade, it will UP the actual hit on yourself, so be careful when using it. You get it at 12, I believe as a quest. I'm not certain however on the actual level, but I'm pretty sure it is a quest spell.

  3. Autumn simply had it confused with empower - it's common to confuse things. Death learns it once they beat wizard city, it deals 250 damage to yourself, and heals seven hundred health to anyone.

  4. Yup, Cheats called it right. Empower is the 500 one. Good catch!