Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Advice needed

Hey I need some advice. Today I was leveling up my necromancer she only got to level 11 from level 10 but I only did the story line quest so what did I expect. I have the quest to fight lord Nightshade what should I do? Should I do the side quests and then fight him or should I just go fight him now? And when I go fight him should I wear robes that give a + in death defense and a + in death hits and no health or robes that give me 44 heath? Also who should I up after my necromancer hits level 15 my myth or my balance. Should I up my fire wizard to level 9? I need awnsers on all of the above.


  1. Do the side quests at least until you hit 12 before tackling Nightshade. At 12, Necromancer's get a quest for their Death prism spell which will help you against Death enemies.
    I'm partial to balance, but it doesn't really matter what you pick. What you want to do is pick up Reshuffle at 20 and Spirit Blade/Trap at 25 (they're balance spell, but you don't need to have learned any of the previous spells to pick them up.)

  2. If your necromancer wants to battle nightshede right now, you should get some one to help. Otherwise, stick with side quests