Thursday, July 30, 2009

I must worn you

As the tittal says I must worn you I haven't a clue as to how high your exspectation of me has become but I shall say it now as my 3 month summer vacation has long since hit the mid way point (about a week or two ago) I might disapoint you as I am a avid vollieball player my fall, winter, and spring are so full of vollie ball when I tried to fit in Wizard101 my grades droped so bad I only made Honner role and for a girl who had been in High Honner role for the frist 2 grades thats a low I had to stop gaming almost all together just to pull up my grades. I will have school vollieball in the fall and just after that ends I will have club. Club is so time consuming and I will be on the next team up this year altogether I spent a good amount of both cash and time to get to wear I am the stakes have been raised this year for club there are soooooooo many more girls I need to get as much vollieball as I can in for if I didn't my chanses are all put only to fate for my skill (not that I'm a bad player in fact I a fairly good one) will not be as well perfected as everyone eles. I'm afraid I might disapoint you as school comes around and I'm also afraid that well. . . I might not be able to get on at Halloween like I want to I'm kinda afraid of that really. . . well bye Oh and FYI I know that last post was kinda well wierd but that what ya get when the 3 friends you spent the most time with last year where almost teen age boys.

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