Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fight Nirin Krocks (mabye the gobblers instead)

I'm now questing in the temple of the sun and I have all these quests to fight Nirin Kroc's but they are well Hard I may be level 17 but I only have 806 health and 3 pixie cards!!!!! (no, no reshuffle gotta be level 20) So instead I go to finish up Wizard City only to find that some of the gobblers are just as hard! JEEZ!!!! So I am thinking I'm just gonna stick with Colossus Boulevard and work till that's all done then complete all of my Nirin Kroc quests (By then I might be level 22 and have the kraken card!) So until my next post here are two pics of Alyssa Silverheart. (okay so they're above so what?) (one is in Dragonmouth cave and the other by the gobbler king)

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  1. I think so far, the Gobbler King is my fav char. He cracks me up, eating the building, tied down by ropes to keep from floating away.