Sunday, July 5, 2009

I just realised

Okay I've been blogging for what now 2,3 weeks and I didn't say much about me as a wizard so here is more about me as well a wizard! I LOVE PvP but I don't do ranked (the crown cost is just so stupid in my opinion) out of the 20 matches I've done I've probably lost 5. (note everything on this is based on what I've done with Alyssa Silverheart) My favorite spell that I can do(currently) is Storm shark but trust me that will change (after all I'm only a level 15!!!) My favorite spell that I can't do is probably ether wrath or scarecrow. As you can see I am a fan of Necromancy. I love colecting houseing stuff and all that but I need a house soon my colection is so big I can't fit it all in my house!!! So above are the pics of my two accounts (in the one with the pink check marks over some of the people enlarg it so you can read the key) (I share that account)

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