Monday, July 27, 2009

friends are they supposed to make you feel better or worse

I have alot of friends so many my friends list is very close to full agean but I've had a full friends list before now when ever I go to look at my friends its like I am flying throu a sea of names and I really only know about maybe 12 14 of the people on my list and I really know them I've actually have in the last oh month a good 19 of my friends deleted and they are all people I've seen in the last week too week but there are people I haven't seen since I started the game and they all still keep me on their friends list and guess what they are all boys I have maybe, out of the 98 people on my list, 4 or 5 of them are girls but the rest are boys I've had tons of friends in the reall world leav me too but the difrence between me and alot of other people is wellfor the first mabye 8 years of my life I had few to no friends and really I didn't care. so when my friends delet me ushual I'll just go off questing I end up in a fight with all boys than one or more will ask to be my friend why I haven't the slightest clue but who cares right? friends are friends and really back on Unicorn Way every thing was easyer the fights the close options it was easy to pic the bestand the friendships where easyer I beleave that after you leave the free to play areas is when it all really ends but now I am in KT and that has long ago ended.

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