Thursday, January 14, 2010

Member of the watch badge?

I was fighting Tomugwa a bit for some gold and when I left his fight I found this person sporting a member of the watch badge I know i've seen Kestrel (sry if I misspelled your name) whereing that Where do you get it?
thanks and thats all
the storm wiz.silverheart
is out! TO VOLLIEBALL!!!


  1. Finish all scotland yard roof quests I believe.

  2. I got something sunday (or what ever day it was) So I'm only open tommorw or friday at 7 eastern. Good with you?

  3. Well I don't really know but, I finished all of my mb quests so it's probably in one of those side quests.

    -Al Fonzo

  4. According to freindly, warcry, central, and me lol, you get it from doing all he scotland yard quests. :)

  5. thnx every one that clears it up I've been hammering at thous but they just keep coming I have 2 more quests (I used to have 3 but I just finshed the purse cures 2) and Da man sry but I don't think that works i have something going on TONIGHT (I'm posting this friday morning at 6:45) : ( sry but it looks like we can't do it this weekend oh well

  6. I'm not sure if it's ALL the Scotland Quests, I think it might just be Knight's Court? What with the Neighborhood Watch being there. Might be wrong though.