Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New pet, New crafting area, and PARTY!!

OH YEAH SWORD SAINT AND OWNER OF A MINATAUR!!! yes today I spent some time trying to find youkio or however you spell it. When I found him I bought some henchmen (3) and we/I Killed him. : D Lord Piper is so adorable : DI think I'm gonna keep him out when I'm not questing so if you port to me in my house or in a shop exspect Lord Piper not Lord Zues. : D
Well I got the idea for a out door crafting area because well thats what I did on my ice wizard it works out because of the way my yard is right here (up on the platform before the cloud I have a crystal case : )

MENU CHATER PARTY!!! yes this is a menu chater party common and fun people flash their stats and favorite gear make new friends catch up with old ones : ) I ported to my friend Andrew and found my self in the mits of this party : D I love em
the (minataur owning) storm wiz.Silverheart

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