Friday, January 8, 2010


Okay so here is a cool outfit and another one of my staffs
Okay? I'm not standing on a thing..... weired...

Dunno bought an outfit that I would have loved in Marlybone (actually I still love it but there wasn't stiching) I just put me in a Dragonspyre
seen and with my big old myth hammer : D

I am DIEING to know what is down there I think I will write a story about the library. BTW this wizard is the one me and sabrina are going to duo the game with : D I've alwas wanted to duo the game with someone but
absalutly hate the idea of a second account so here we are! meet Alyssa Dreamrider level 3 balance/myth wizard.

The storm wiz.Silverheart


  1. When is your birthday? I need to know for the March event. Email me or just comment back, please.

  2. March 1st please plan the event for after that date so I have text chat plz