Friday, January 15, 2010

Made it so far... and with some advise

I soloed the Tower of War after school today. And you people said it was hard : P yeah right! it took two potions and a bunch of healing cards and tritons but really!? HARD!? my kraken's lightning bolt!

the pictures below just give a little advise so you don't have to enlarge each picture to read it I restate it down below the picture.
"shields are you best friend here!" unlike the other teachers fight then high damage attack are you best friends

"kill the pox people first"

"or have your friend hammer them"

doesn't he look like he is about to smack me?

Now it's time to chill with my friend Rylee Stormgem from the queen of Divinations :D gotta love these productive days :P It really dose feel good after clearing about 7 quests to pull out your favorite pet and hang out by the bonfire with a good friend.Rylee sry but I REALLY don't want to run kingsten. Well dinners almost ready we're having TACOS!!
the (taco loving) storm wiz.Silverheart


  1. Hey, Alyssa, thx 4 putting me in your blog!! I was going to take that picture too!!