Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Yeah been lazy about my story sry 'bout that Here you go

I sat in a red arm chair mist flew around me I had put on Mu shoo robes, hat and boots more comfterble and easyer to think in. I taped my pen on my paper thinking wondering I came down to this
1 alive defenatly (earlyer I had done some reaserch and found undead cannot write)
2 defenetly left handed
3 was a guy
4 was defnetly a wizard
Yes defnetly a wizard but what kind. Most would jump to the conclusion in was a death wizard I desided to leave sterio types out of this since I had some close death wizard friends I frowned at the paper what type of wizard suddenly Queen Cali flys up to me "a vailed messenger aproches prepare for unwelcomed company" I stand up swiftly in a flash of light I am dressed in my armure Madam Amber flys from my house with my sword in sheth I pull it out and walk out of my pool house. All is dark barly any light shows, but from a hunched figure by my spiral door grey mist flys about him the air is cold with death and despare I aproch him...... a undead moving on his own command out of battle ...... once alive than dead alive again a undead wraith. I am infront of him now he moves I see his bony smile permently on his skull where a face should be "What do you want wraith!" I snap "calm wizard" he croaks "I come not as enemy but as friend I bring you some of your foes plans" from beneath his black robes of shadows he pulls a scrole I take it from his decaying hands "It is in laten" I state looking at the words "No, no not latin" he tilted his head up I saw his lifeless yellow glows for eyes "It is a languge more antient and powerfull more strange and beutiful" he tilted his head again now sideways "tiss the languige of old, of Triton, of Dragon, of Giant, of old, of life long past" he hissed I stare "You will see in bloody light wizard you will see our paths will cross again but then you will be helping me young wizard and I beg you please do save me!" With that he raised his ands with a Sharp hissing he vanshed into the dirt the mist vanshed the stars returned the air warmed again. I turn Lord Piper Lord Zues and Queen Cali stood there and staired I look at the scrole again and I wisper "poor wraith I hope you find your way to the halls of souls to be with your fathers" I sigh and turn to them well untill I see him again he left us this. Let us desipher.

Okay so I wrote more Hope you like that wraith's name BTW is Shawin and he was a student that failed to ...... well you will find out : )

the storm wiz.Silverheart

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