Monday, January 18, 2010

more story

I stood by my spiral door taping my foot on the marble wight brick I whistle again finaly my broom flys up. "where on earth have you been!" I shout at it. It spins as so I can get on it I insert my key to Dragonspyre and fly through the spining portal I hear a shout from below I fly as fast as I can down the net work of ramps leading to the sole senter of the Balasicon. When I get there I see Profesor Drakes wand laying on the ground with a note. I staired at it I jump off my broom Lord Piper jumps off too he looks up at me we walk over to it. I pick it up and read
' Alyssa Silverheart,
Yes I know your name and I know you need this mortal I've stolen to defeat whome ever it is you wish to defeat well I guess you won't now will you I guess if you can figure it out your self all the steps and such but I bet you would like help well mabey if you defeat me, well if that was posible I would let him go.... or not. you choise.'
I look down at lord piper I blink at the paper it was old fashoned parchment style scroled edjes and it was old in fact yellowing with age I frown at it the ink was smeared like the person, or thing, had draged their had accros the paper when writing I look back down and Lord Piper " lets consider the data they took profesor Drake but left his wand he can fight with out it but every one knows a wand makes a wizard stronger, So there is a chanse he can get away him self. And this wizard is left handed he draged his hand accros the words he wrote there is only a handfull of left handed wizards in the spiral so that narows it down. He, or she knows my name hmmm undead or alive thats what I want to know. what do you think?" I ask looking down at lord Piper bending over to show him the letter he grunts
"I agree left handed wizard. I'm guesing alive. And my guess is he can't get away." he ended
"hmmm I guess he would be alive after all undead don't know how to write," I pause to think about it "do they?" I ask looking at him he shrugs

Well thats my story yep I'm done soooo yeah I'm on right now watching Sabrina (you all have heard of her) and Megan (you havn't heard of her she was one of my best friends now we are just acuaintences just sort of drifted apart you know) dual today I was crafting dimonds when Kestrel and Heather poped in I have pics but thouse are for another post.
the storm wiz.silverheart
P.S. I think the dual is over wait never mind

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