Friday, January 15, 2010

favorite pets*

Queen Cali this little fairy has been through it with me in thick and thin : ) But sadly at the 35 level she had stoped being usefull to me so I gave her to my Necromancer who soon replased her with my goul with card pet : ( so currently my little buddy is not in use .... I think I'll give her to my myth wizard. She is about the same level I was when I got her!
from the 1000 players thingy I'm a storm wizard I had to get it!

Fire cats are just cute okay? I have about 3 lady Hollys in total on my 2 accounts : P

sry 'bout the dumb name but she was a drop and I havn't changed her name yet been a bit busy trying to get some good gear. But thankfully I finaly got my Sea lords Deck of thunder it fits all the cards I use ALL OF THEM!! : D I'm so happy!!!

You should have seen him coming I ranted about how cute he is before!
the storm wiz.Silverheart
*the favorite pets currently in Alyssa's colection my ice and balance wizard have two pets I really think are cool (iceelf did not mean for the dumb play on words) and CUTE!!! (danger hound it looks like my doggy: )*

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