Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Can't deside

Well who is my favorite Movie star Prince Nuada or Legolas Greenleaf I really can't deside one minute I have pictures of them ladidalda (waiting)

Ah her we go Legolas : D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
I mean Legolas wins on well being good and cool with a bow but Prince Nuada is something else with that spear of his wow! and Legolas wins on cool hair style but Prince Nuada wins on all around cool hair. hmmmmmmCAN'T DESIDE THEY ARE BOTH SOOOOO COOLY AWSOME!!!!!!!! Btw if you are wonder why it says Hellboy and the Golden Army that is the Movie Prince Nuada is from. Plus Prince Nuada can cut a water drop in HALF WITH OUT TRYING!! and he has a cool friend call mr. winkXD XD XD XD XD oh you see Mr. Wink is a gient monster orc thingy with a big metle hand :P but then he gets smushed to bits D: poor Mr. Wink :( Legolas well HE IS JUST COOL OKAY ELF MAN WHO IS COOL GOOD WITH A BOW AWSOME HAIR KNOWS ALOT OF STUFF LIKE ME AND WELL hmmm what was the last one? oh yeah! AND HE CAN'T DIE POWNIJ!!!!!! later
the(CONFUZLED!!) Storm wiz.Silverheart

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