Sunday, January 10, 2010


Well yesterday I jumped on and went to kill sypsan ( I am now on the tower of War what is that?) I had one of my necromancer friends helping me (congratz Victoria Rainbow for learning scarcrow and getting your wraith pet I WANT A WRAITH PET :( X mutters X lucky necromancers ): She had to leave for a PVP so a bought a henchman (grandmaster necromancer) and found on the last few 450 hit points useing the hadsom fellow above I did not know they could do that! (the first hi was for my friend Charles Dreamwalker the second was for Amber Stargem) Well thats really all I did I have 2 questions
1: What is the tower of War?
2: If it is hard can I get some help?
the (on the tower of war) storm wiz.Silverheart


  1. The tower of war is a tower. I believe it has somewhere around 7 levels, and is pretty hard. I recall that one of the other bloggers (forget who) was having trouble with it. You should do it together!