Monday, January 18, 2010

New blog tital and random pictures

If you tell me this is not cool you loose! Some times I think I like these people a bit too much : P
I was searching Pictures of Prince Nuada and I found this SOME ONE HAS MAD DRAWING SKILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So yeah I like this picture :P that reminds me Prince Nuada is in my dreams alot Dunno why but he
is and he is alwas eather doing something cool or doing nothing but he is ushualy there.

Any way about the new blog tital I got bored with the old one and if you look the two pictures I showed you here are on the tital : P
the (cool) storm wiz.silverheart
P.S. GO NUADA AND LEGOLAS!!!!!!!! and I CAN'T BELIEVE SOME PEOPLE HAVE NEVER SEEN THE LORD OF THE RINGS AND/OR HELL BOY 2 WATCH THEM THEY ARE COOL!!! Though err um Hell boy 2 well umm lots of guns in it I know the boys in my grade would like it... but... umm ...dunno what other guys are like really.....
P.S.S. "no no my body's a temple" (said by abe) "no it's an amuzment park" (said by Red/ hell boy)


  1. Hey I finished up the tower of war and the pox lady. Are you on the trap master?

  2. no I started the Grand chasm on the quest to defeat spiders to go get some cyristals. It's not that far in and I don't quest much (mostly help friends :P or hang out at my house doing nothing) You could probably catch up then we could meet up and quest.

  3. oh and BTW I don't have text chat so if some one text chats I don't understand a WORD they say so please use menu chat