Sunday, January 3, 2010

site updates

As you can tell I have added a blog list and a new poll.
the Poll is to vote if I should change the style of my new level 45 robes I'm kind of on the fence about it so please vote. Sorry if I missed any blogs on my list leave me a comment and I will add it thanks. I'm going to be makeing some little changes around my blog for a while so don't be supprised if something is diffrent the first to go that blog title.
the (level 45 : ) storm wiz. Silverheart


  1. I love your new blog title! Super cool.

  2. thnx : ) It took an hour to make and collect all the pictures : )

  3. Nice header! I' thinking next saterday, vampire 4:00 eastern. Oh and why isn't my blog on the list.......

  4. thnx um I finshed that quest one day when I was bored I'm on a boss though in the next area could you help me with that instead :) and sry about that I'll put it on there next chanse I get right now I'm wii golfing with my mom and dad