Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tournament today

Yep we had our first tournament so it went like this
Played ageanst people older than us (close game) played ageanst our own club (made us fall asleep they went so slow) off Played girls our age (again asleep) luch played another boring team I GOT THE WINNING BLOCK GO ME GO ME!! ( I didn't even know I had I got confuzled because they where cheering so much i was like " IT IS JUST A BLOCK GET READY FOR A SERV!" : ) and we lost the rest yeah I GOT MY FIRST EVER WINNING BLOCK! all I have left is the winning spike and I will have ofishaly won the game in every way posible ; P XD yeah! well thats all wizards is loading I'ze is happy XD lalalalala XP. XP PAVILAN NOTE BOOK oh wait HP (wow I feel umm not smart!)
the (WINNER) storm wiz.Silverheart

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