Saturday, January 23, 2010

Done? I'm thinking I might be.....

no not done with home work or anything.....

I mean wizards. I'm not enjoying questing any more........

none of my friends are ever on

I nothing to do but pain in the but quests that I don't feel like strugling with

I think i'm done for a while

Or a month or two

dunno I like going on if I have friends on but that is alwas late

Sigh I hate this I'm so indesisive

:( to wizard or not to wizard that is the question

Wizards or no

no? no. No. NO. NO WIZARDS!!!!!!!!!!!



I give in give me an idea here!!!!!!!!!!!
sigh please : (
the (to quit or not to quit) storm wiz.Silverheart


  1. Don't quit Wizard101! I'm sure there is something to do on it...