Monday, January 18, 2010

Info on my story

I desided to put a bit of fun with this I streched it to how I think the Magic world would be. You will also see unlimeted numbers in battles, raids of huge numbers, pets talking (you already did), mounts acting like pets (already saw), you will also hear of when you attack you can sometimes ride what you summon, you are still mounted in battle, You will meet a Centaur who does not dissapear after battle and hench men you cannot summon any henchmen other than what school you are from because your henchman is your clone : D. Minions will stay untill you dismiss them and they cannot be killed. The name of my story?

dont have one :P
lol O.o I leave you to come up with your own names : D hope you enjoy my story don't worry they will find Profesor Drake.
Oh and BTW before I forget comment if you want to be in my story and whether you want to be good or evil. and some may end up as water nyphs just saying
the storm wiz.silverheart

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