Saturday, January 16, 2010

the harshest is beginning to pass

Don't know what I mean? Winter. As January passes into Febuary you know it is calming When March is here the snow is beginning to melt and you can, on some days, go outside without a jacket. Thats why I love my March Birthday not only is a new year beginning in my life but, A new season, of warmth and greenness : ) It makes me happy When the snow melts there is HUGE pudle that forms in my back yard every year I walk out into it It is something that is part of my childhood. My presius Willows begin to get thier liefs back creating the most beautiful curtin of green you will ever see two of the same trees huge with age and filled with life growing not 10 steps apart I bet if you dug under them their roots are intertwined. : ) Spring : ) it's my season it is how I love it beginnings and endings all in one season. Heaven.
the (spring birthday) storm wiz.Silverheart
P.s. sry if I sounded like hippy but that is how it is when you live so far out in no where that your closest nabore is a corn field!

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