Sunday, January 3, 2010


my new favorite room : )
I got a Colosus statue : D
Okay Todays post is about houses. First off did anyone notise what an impact it makes when you walk into a house and see a TREE?!?! thats what I did in my house (to see it look up) than in the room you can see it I made it all natury ( I can not spell nature oh wait thats right ) Second of all I am trying to figure out how to float rugs and books and candles and such HOW DO YOU DO IT!! and how do you get furnichur on that cloud I want to put a walk way off of it over my yard and around back to the second cloud but I can't get started HOW DO YOU DO IT!! I am asking you my readers TO PLEASE HELP ME MAKE MY HOUSE INTRESTING!!!
the (help needed) storm wiz.Silverheart


  1. My friend put furniture on his cloud and stepping stones going off, but I have no idea how he did it. To float furniture there is a guide in the housing guides section of Wizard101 Central. It's called Glitches help in video form. Argh. Now I wish I hadn't packed my furniture up so I could show you my house. I have, like, 10 trees in the small yard.

  2. Also don't make the text purple because it would be too hard to read. And what day in march is your birthday? Mine is the 14th, pi day!

  3. Central takes way too long to load on my computer (I ushualy sit there for about 20 min) my birthday is March 1st dunno what day that is I guess your right about the purple text thing hmm have to think on that one.