Sunday, January 3, 2010

text chat

I did not know she was talking to me here : o

that is now the reason I desided to show you this alt of my self is today after a rather nasty dual on Alyssa S. I logged onto this wizard (the last time I was on was about 4 months ago) and I ran over to do some quests in the haunted cave when I found a girl standing outside of Lord Nightshades tower she was a 3 streets savor so that must mean that she was going to do her Lord Nightshade I asked her if she would like any help : ) I am glad I asked and she awnsered yes even though I am only level 6. Now as shown above is exsplaned why I have her in the first place. My friend and I hung out and..... DER you probably want to know her name Heather Shadowblade. Any way I told her about the Dark Fairy pet I told her about my alt Alyssa Silverheart she is very nice : )
the (text chating) storm wiz.Silverheart

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