Saturday, January 16, 2010


I got the idea for this when i steped outside just now to put my dog Molly out.

The cloud I stood on floated about like mist I turned my face up to the rising sun and felt the warmth of it's light the cool air of night brushed my face in the wind I felt my blond hair blow off my sholders. I breathed the cool air was sharp but the unmistakable sent of warmth was there. I opened my eyes the mist floated about still the but the flame, the huge ball of fire was there lighting up the sky the stars and their nightly magesty leaving the sky the blues changing shades to lighter and lighter blues no storm on the horizen. Yes I am a storm wizard but living in an eternal storm is not my thing. I love the magesty the old world style of my house held up by a cyclops the coloseum desine inside and the bath house style pool house in the second level shows majesty only the lost civilazation of old could have taken and mastered. the broken unfinshed wall left to float helplesly in space never their dream done. Slowly I turned quitly back to my house I steped off the cloud and down the rainbow to the platform behind my house. I steped past the door and my cristal case down the path.

More later. I got bored of writing it besides I want to go outside later
the (happy and finally in a place with melting snow ) storm wiz.Silverheart


  1. sorry couldn'y make it my friends had to plan there b-day partys on the same day. Tommorow or sunday I'm open. And its hardfor a balance wizard!

  2. oh right your balance sry zoned and thought you where death (I tend to forget random things) if you want to run that tell me Sunday is no good I'm at a vollyeball turnament ALL DAY not kidding here 7:15 AM to some time in the afternoon dunno. It's probably the balance monsters you have truble with right?